CPAP Mask: Avoid Any Confusion With These Amazing Tips

CPAP mask

Are you looking for the best CPAP mask? Several types of CPAP masks are available in stores- traditional full-face masks, nasal pillow masks, hybrid full face masks, etc. Often diverse options lead to confusion and impact your decision. But not anymore! Avoid any dilemma with complete information about CPAP masks provided in this blog.

Our point of discussion will be-:

  • What is a CPAP mask
  • Types of CPAP mask
  • How to choose CPAP mask size
  • Where you can get a CPAP mask

Let’s begin our discussion,

What is a CPAP mask?

CPAP is an abbreviation for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure. It is a highly regarded therapy for obstructive sleep apnea. For this therapy, you need a CPAP machine attached with a mask.

A CPAP machine pushes consistent pressurized air to hold your airways open, making way for air. The therapy consists of a CPAP machine attached to a hose, and mask. The pressurized air comes from the machine and enters your system through a face mask. Hence, it is important to choose a face mask wisely.

CPAP therapy is ineffective if the mask doesn’t fit you well, since air-leaks are common when you use the appropriate mask for you. Read on to explore different types of masks.

Different Types of CPAP masks

Nasal mask

Traditional nasal masks are triangular-shaped, some with forehead pads that provide stability to your mask. The mask sits on your nose, and the braces above your eyebrows and your whole face remain free from any mask component. These types of masks are a good option for nose breathers with minimal sized mask.

Nasal pillow

Nasal pillow masks are famous among those who have claustrophobic issues. Sometimes, the nasal mask may not fit individuals with narrow nose bridges; for them, nasal pillow masks are perfect. These masks have soft cushions that sit at the entrance of your nose.

Full face mask

Full face masks are an ideal choice for mouth breathers because these masks cover both your nose and mouth. It has a soft cushioned seal that lies on your face. If you are a mouth breather, consider buying a full face mask from a store that sells CPAP masks.

Besides mask type, many other factors influence mask buying decisions. Let’s see what those factors are.

CPAP mask as per face shape and size

Factors such as nose bridge, nose width, the surface area of the upper lip, eyes, and overall head circumference are necessary before buying a CPAP mask. After all, a perfectly-fit mask is all you need for faster recovery.

Buying a CPAP mask for the first time is not easy; however, at CPAP Store Dallas, you will find one-on-one guidance and you are able to explore all types of masks. We have a store and an online platform that sell CPAP machines, masks, oxygen concentrators, and CPAP machine sanitizers.

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